Our Story

What are we all about??

the beginning..

In 2004 Vicki created the lyrics and movement of the Chess Song while living in Mount Vernon, NY where she had lived for the previous 5 years. During this time, within a 12 block radius of her apartment, as many as 12 to 15 young African American male gang members and drug dealers were killed and almost 20 others were injured. All the community and youth programs she wrote to help deal with the violence fell on deaf ears. Vicki prayed to God to give her a program that she could establish to help these children make better decisions-- hence the birth of the Chess Song.

Wikipedia says that the strategy of Chess is focused on the evaluation of chess positions and with setting up goals and long-term plans for future play. During the evaluation, players must take into account numerous factors such as the value of pieces on the board, the king's safety, the control of key squares or groups of squares (for example, diagonals, open-files, and dark or light squares), etc. In real life children and young adults must learn the same traits as the game to make good crime free decisions. Most children, however, are intimated by the game and complexities in remembering how the pieces move. Vicki had hoped that the Chess Song would help remedy this problem, but she still needed to get her message out.

the birth of NEIGHBORS..

In April 2009 Vicki moved to Byram, a village in Connecticut in the Town of Greenwich. While trying to get the Chess Song program into Camp Vacamas, a sleep away camp in New Jersey, she started sharing what she was doing with her new neighbors. After hearing her story and what she was trying to do, they were more then willing to do whatever they could to help. Unfortunately, the camp didn't want the program and just as she was about to give up this five year fight, as if it was a gift from God, she noticed some information about Cablevision's Public Access program in her cable bill and it had dawned on her that maybe she should just put the show on their Public Access television station. By doing this, she would have a complete history of the Chess Song, along with video of children performing it. At the same time, the children and young adults at home can learn that it's FUN to play the game of Chess.

While she knew that children, young adults and their parents would not just turn on the television and watch the Chess Song program, but iin this era of reality television they would. Their parents would want to watch the show because strangers, neighbors, banded together to help make ones dream come true. The children and young adults would learn a lot by watching the reality of this unfolding before them and witness first hand how great it would feel to help out a stranger in need and ultimately, learn the Chess Song and the lessons they can take away from the concepts of Chess.

the future..

The future info will go here.