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Season Two

Season 2 Preview | Season Two takes Vicki and the Neighbors to Philadelphia, PA. With the support of Philadelphia's public recreational department we were able to visit three neighborhood rec centers. There we teach the kids in the community about the Chess Song. Here is a quick preview of this season with all the episodes available below.


Neighbors II - Time with the kids at the neighborhood centers.
  1. Episode 1
  2. Episode 2
  3. Episode 3
  4. Episode 4
  5. Episode 5
  6. Episode 6
Neighbors II - The Journey to Philadelphia.
  1. The beginning of our Journey to Philadelphia
  2. Setting the stage for our trips to the neighborhood centers
  3. The Rivera Recreational Center
  4. The Nelson Playground
  5. The Towey Playground
  6. The Finale and an introduction to Season 3